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WWE Raw Live Stream

WWE Raw live stream is one of the biggest sporting events across countries. Stats says there are around 2.28 million viewers of WWE Raw. That number doesn’t include the live spectators who attend the WWE Raw live. 2.28 million viewers are those who stream WWE Raw from their homes on TV or on mobile phones.

World Wrestling Entertainment or simply WWE is one of the most followed live events across the globe. The event has a gue fan following in the United States. After all, the United States is where WWE began. WWE Raw is one major live event of WWE. Raw has a huge fan following in other countries like Qatar, Dubai, India, and some parts of Europe.

WWE superstars including John Cena, Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Sheamus, and others appear on WWE Raw. Those professional wrestlers are world-renowned names. They make the event even more interesting for the fans of WWE. You can watch WWE Raw live from anywhere you want. Here’s how you can follow the event from your home.

Follow WWE Raw live from your homes

WWE Raw is a very popular sporting event. The fans of the event are based in several countries throughout Asia, Europe to American countries. Any WWE fan can follow the WWE Raw live on TV or on mobile.

Similar to WWE Smackdown, the live streaming of WWE Raw is carried by several TV broadcasters. In a few cases, the TV broadcaster of WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown is the same for some countries. But, you can expect a variety, as well.

WWE Raw live stream
WWE Raw live stream

The inmate viewers can watch WWE Raw live on USA Network. The three-hour segment of WWE airs on Monday in the United States EST 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. WWE Raw is also known as Monday Night Raw or simply Raw. It airs on Sundays or Fridays or Tuesdays in other countries. In Australia, WWE Raw airs on Tuesdays on Fox8. The telecast of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria is the same. In those countries, WWE Raw is live on Wednesdays on ProSieben Maxx. In Nepal, WWE Raw is live on Tuesdays on TEN 1.

Below is the list of some of the national broadcasters of WWE Raw.

 Country  National Broadcaster
 Bangladesh  TEN 1
 Brazil  FOX Sports 2
 Canada  Sportsnet 360
 Croatia  RLT2
 France  AB1
 India  TEN 1/ Sony MAX
 Italy  Sky Primafila
 South Africa  SuperSport 4
 United Kingdom  BT Sport


You can also follow WWE Raw live on mobile phones or tablets.

Watch WWE Raw Live Stream on Mobile Phones/ Tablets

While some love to watch WWE Raw live on TV, some love to watch the event on their mobile phones or tablets. Well, you can also watch the event on your PCs. If you want to watch WWE Raw on mobile, you need a proper streaming platform. Well, you don’t need to worry for you have a number of options out in the market.

There are several streaming services that offer the event live online. Here’s our pick on some of the best streaming platforms for you; Fox Sports Go, Hulu with Live, Sling TV, fuboTV, and Amazon Prime. These are among the top streaming websites that offer the HD streaming of WWE Raw. The cost of those websites varies from one another.

Those streaming services offer a free trial, so you can try them out before making a pick. Amazon Prime gives a month trial.

How to watch WWE Raw for free of cost

You have to spend some money on TV streaming or online streaming. The above-mentioned TV networks or streaming sites are paid services. But, there are some online pages that offer free streaming of WWE Raw live.

But, if you are looking for free WWE Raw streaming, you shouldn’t go with any random online page. It could be risky. The best place to find the free streaming of the event is the Reddit stream. While some countries may have a Reddit stream to allow free streaming of WWE Raw. Some don’t.

If you are a casual fan of the sport, you can skip the live streaming of the event. Instead, you can enjoy the highlights on YouTube. Watching WWE Raw highlights on YouTube will not cost you any money.

WWE Raw Reddit streams here

Any WWE Raw fan can enjoy the WWE Raw Reddit streams here. This platform is developed only for the fans of WWE Raw. So, we seek to provide the best streaming experience to such WWE Raw fans.

The Reddit streams are absolutely free here. You can find links to any WWE Raw event here for free of cost.